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Naomi Campbell in VOGUE

I don’t care how many phones she throws at people I fucking love her!!! Look at her spread in the upcoming all black VOGUE issue.. Puure sex!!! She’s stunning!!

Arrrrgh I don’t know why it cuts the pic in half, but don’t miss them!! click click!!!


sexiest shoes.ever.

If I for some strange reason became some sort of a millionaire today, guess what I would do first?? 1.Rent a Concord and go to New York 2. Find the nearest Christian Louboutin store and buy every shoe in the store. Loub. shoes are simply some of the sexiest shoes in the world, I simply don’t know how the man does it??? It is not even because the design is groundbreaking, but when I see a Loub. shoe it jumps in my face. When i see someone wearing them(very rare sight in DK) i seriously fight the urge to rip them of the person wearing them and run away. I don’t understand how a red sole can give them so much oooose, i’m literally twiching as I write this thinking of the shoes. I can not end this post without urging you to check out his website and adore his latest collection ; http://www.christianlouboutin.fr/movies/cl_engb.html

Tell him I sent you