Stine Goya- the early years

Stine Goya is a relatively new designer from my hometown DK, in the little time she has been out there she has managed to establish herself as a serious up and coming designer. Besides being featured in the CPH fashionweek Goya has also have had fashion shows in Paris. What I especially like about her is the way she uses colours in her collection it almost has this kind of childish thing to it. I decided to include picures from her earlier collection because her latest sadly sucks. She tries to be like NOIR trying to be like Helmut Lang and  when Noir fails at this so does Goya. But Goya I love you, bring back the colours it was your thang!!


Black is IN

The title says it all…

The Chanel Bag; man’s greatest accomplishment

As you can see Lauren Conrad loves her Chanel-bag, omg if I owned that bag I would wear the shit out of it. A lot of people talk about how they would never pay a high amount of money on something like a bag, but seriously if I could afford it let alone make myself save money I would spend it on a chanel-bag. Bills can wait, Chanel?? I don’t think so… I am very tempted to say that the Chanel-quilted bag style is my fav. but then balenciaga pop in mind.. Whoa just thought of this beautiful Balenciaga bag it is the “work” model

Orrrhhhhhhhhhhhhh(imagine me going like Homer S. eating or drinking beer)

Spotlight: Olsen Twins

The Olsen Twins are seriously the best dressed in Hollywood, I love how they mix and match their clothes and isn’t afraid to try new stuff and designers. Balenciaga, Chanel, Givenchy, Christian Louboutin, Burberry etc. You name it they have it. I would seriously kill for a wardrobe like their

!!! Check them out in the pics I’ve found

sexiest shoes.ever.

If I for some strange reason became some sort of a millionaire today, guess what I would do first?? 1.Rent a Concord and go to New York 2. Find the nearest Christian Louboutin store and buy every shoe in the store. Loub. shoes are simply some of the sexiest shoes in the world, I simply don’t know how the man does it??? It is not even because the design is groundbreaking, but when I see a Loub. shoe it jumps in my face. When i see someone wearing them(very rare sight in DK) i seriously fight the urge to rip them of the person wearing them and run away. I don’t understand how a red sole can give them so much oooose, i’m literally twiching as I write this thinking of the shoes. I can not end this post without urging you to check out his website and adore his latest collection ;

Tell him I sent you

what’s better than fresh kicks on a sunday??

When 2 of your favourite brands decide to do a collection!!! As of this summer Acne and Lanvin teamed up to do a denimcollection.  Expect dresses, tuxedo jackets, belted trench, blouson and jeans and also they are doing the whole shaabang including accesories like stilettos, earrings, necklaces etc.

Don’t you love it when 2 good stuff come to gether to do even greater stuff?? Loves it, is though a bit, a tad just a tinsy dissapointed in the collection. Don’t get me wrong I’m feelin it, but I just feel it could have been better, hmm maybe I just think too highly of the guys behind Lanvin.. If you’re interested in the collection its available in Bergdorf Goodman and Barneys New York

I <3 dressing like a homeless person,

Check out the new collection from the one and only Alexander Wang

Loves it, love everything this man creates. I love how he can make hobo-clothes which make you look like a million. Shiz I would give my right hand if that meant I could strut the street of CPH in his designs. His collection is so young and fresh, and please please notice the SHOES!! Brilliant! Some might say that this collection is a continuation of last years trends, it could be and it might be. But nonetheless it kicks asssss.

Til we meet again

btw. the pics are somewhat small click on the pics to enlarge!!