Stine Goya- the early years

Stine Goya is a relatively new designer from my hometown DK, in the little time she has been out there she has managed to establish herself as a serious up and coming designer. Besides being featured in the CPH fashionweek Goya has also have had fashion shows in Paris. What I especially like about her is the way she uses colours in her collection it almost has this kind of childish thing to it. I decided to include picures from her earlier collection because her latest sadly sucks. She tries to be like NOIR trying to be like Helmut Lang and  when Noir fails at this so does Goya. But Goya I love you, bring back the colours it was your thang!!


2 responses to “Stine Goya- the early years

  1. Oh yes i love Stine Goya too!!!!
    And i’m from DK the best fashion country in the world 🙂

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